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Coco Soul Organic Coconut Water (6 X 1.25L = 7.5L)

Coco Soul Organic Coconut Water (6 X 1.25L = 7.5L)

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Coconut water is a purely natural beverage with an isotonic concentration of electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium and higher levels of minerals like iron, manganese and zinc than many fruit juices. It also contains the simple sugars glucose and fructose, which the body converts easily to energy and which – ideally - give this refreshing drink a perceptible but subdued sweetness.

Of course, Mother Nature isn’t ISO 9001 certified, and if you’ve had coconut water more than a few times you know that the taste can vary greatly. That’s where CocoSoul quality control comes it. Through a careful selection process that involves rejecting both the young, bitter coconuts and the old, dry ones, CocoSoul make sure that the flavour of their coconut water is always the absolute best.

And it’s not just the flavour – water from coconuts at the peak of their ripeness is also more nutritious and better balanced. CocoSoul are just as particular when it comes to sourcing, using only coconuts that are organic in every sense of the word – non-GMO coconuts grown without artificial pesticides and fertilisers or sewage sludge and never subjected to ionising radiation. Even the packaging is scientifically designed to preserve the taste and nutritional value, ensuring that nature’s finest coconut water is also the freshest you can buy.

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